Alice Grinda

Alice Grinda - a lucid dream trainer (photographed by

Alice Grinda – a lucid dream trainer (photographed by

Alice Grinda – an active lucid dreaming woman and lucid dream trainer.
She wrote her first dream diary, when she was seven, after she already had her first lucid dream with six. Although she already had several experiences with sleep paralysis and similar things.

A long time she followed her dream to work as an actress (, and pushed her dream of the basic income into the waking world (portrait in the newspaper about her videos for the basic income) and she is always looking around for alternativ, ecological things, which look friendly. (Alice im VVandelland)

Alice took the theme “lucid dreaming” for practicing video editing, cause everyone always said to her, that this is the most interesting thing, where she has more experience then others. So she practiced video editing and made some “practice videos mainly with the intention to practice video editing”. And got a surprisingly feedback from many people, writing her many questions about lucid dreaming.

She got to know projective dreamwork in a private weekly dreamgroup, which already exist now since four years, which was guided by a student of Jeremy Taylor. So she did a distance study in the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work (MIPD) and became a professional dream worker.

Her master in NLP helps Alice to guide the participants in her workshops even better through relaxing trance journeys or to support the participants in their process. And her study of psychological astrology gives Alice a very deep knowledge about the language of symbols, which is very important in the dreamworld.

Now it is a conscious choice of Alice, cause her avocation “Lucid Dream Trainer” is calling her. To share her knowledge with you, she made the two new professional Youtube Channels in English and German, which are dedicated only to Lucid Dreaming.

“Let´s light some palo santo” – Alice Grinda photographed by Nini Martini


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