Julius found out how the projective dream interpretation can be helpful in terms of lucid dreaming

Julius erzählt über seine Einzelsessioin zum luziden Träumen

When I started the workshop with Alice, I had already a lot of experience in lucid dreaming. To have the opportunity to talk to her personally, was like the fulfillment of a little dream for me, because she is one of the few reliable and professional internet sources on the topic. Fortunately, this impression has not changed after the workshop. On the contrary, I am very grateful that she was able to show me some other interesting sides of my dream world. For example, I quite early faced the question, how the projective dream interpretation can be helpful to me in terms of lucid dreaming. In a layed back, relaxed and pleasantly nice way Alice “educated” me and I quickly realized that I by interpreting my dreams could get to know my own dream world better and it became so much more familiar to me. It didn’t take much time and I noticed things in everyday life, that made me think to myself, “Hey, this could also happen in a dream.” This  offered a new range of possibilities for the reality checks to me, because my dreams are not always (rarely, actually) surreal resemble more the waking reality. Luckiely, I noticed such things also in my dreams then. Like this my connection to them, became yet more intimate, even after several years of experience.
But of course there were many more positive developments because of the meetings. Besides the fact that I looked forward to  to the Skype meetings already just because of Alice’s nice character increasingly happy, I learned things about myself that were hidden from me until then. I got lots of ideas for future activities in the dream and what pleases me most, is that now i honour every turbid dream almost as much as a lucid dream, because thanks to Alice, i can now read a lot from them. Also I was able to talk to Alice about many things that a lot of people do not even seem to think about.
All this can of course be very different for you, but I am sure you will be able to take a lot out of the workshop!