Live – 1on1 Single Sessions (in Berlin)

1 1-hour Live – 1on1 Single Sesson for 145 Euros in Berlin/Frankfurt

More Flexibility with the dates then in a dreamgroup, which has fixed dates. And in a the Single Sessions is more space and more time to take care about your dreams and your special questions then in the dreamgroups.

For more Information write to:

Dear future Live – Single Session Participant,
there are two little agreements related to the dreamgroup and singlesession meetings, that you have to keep in mind:

1) The 6-packs (6 dreamgroup meetings or 6 singlesessions) have to be done in the time of two months, otherwise they will not be valid anymore. Why? Because that way you stay focused at the theme and don´t loose the track cause of too big breaks.
Please make appointments for all 6 times at once (the best way is to do it regular, every week the same day and time) and if a meeting will be changed, immediately suggest a new possible meeting date by yourself and we will have a new date for a meeting still in that two months.

2) If you don´t cancel a meeting at lest 48 hours in advance, you still have to pay it or the voucher expire, even if you are not there.
If you can´t come to a meeting, cancel it at least 48 hours in advance. That is important, because I have many meetings and because I want to use my time as good as possible of course. That way I can make it possible for another person, to work at his/her dreams at that day.

Kostenloser E-Mail Kurs

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Dieser kostenlose E-Mail Kurs dauert 2 Monate mit 12 E-Mails, die Dich durch die Basics leiten.

So kannst Du Dir selbstständig ein Basis Wissen zum luziden Träumen aneignen, um ganz unabhängig das luzide Träumen zu erlernen.

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