Skype – Dreamgroups

Dear dreamers,

Let’s explore and project onto our dreams. To project is to give meaning to things and actions, to interpret. There are as many individual interpretations as there are people. Participants make their suggestions, and the dreamer can be inspired by those that he or she finds helpful. Through projective dream work, many people realize that everyday life is just the same – a question of interpretation. (A brief comic introduction to projections:

A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. Whether you want to practice athletic maneuvers, resolve conflicts, explore other worlds or make new works of art, this and much more is possible in lucid dreams. I invite you to experience your own, highly personal lucid dream, and to start the journey towards waking up in your in dreams. Your lucid dream will be more breathtaking than any 3D movie, and more personal every time. What dream do you want to experience? What parts of your dreams do you want to realize in the waking world?

Our themes will include:

- personal dream symbols and their connection with waking reality

- transformation of nightmares into successful experiences

- personal dream signs

- the creation of a personal training plan

- the achievement of goals in (lucid) dreams

- WILD = Wake initiated lucid dream

- DILD = Dream initiated lucid dream

- the creation of personal reality checks

- helpful aids for lucid dreams

- rituals for the transition into the dream world

- visualization exercises and relaxation techniques

- answers to questions about any problems that may occur

The group size is limited to five people. Meetings are three hours long and take place weekly for five weeks. When you think about your (lucid) dreams regularly, you become motivated and concentrate on what you want to accomplish by lucid dreaming. You might also find the common thread in the repeating meanings of your dreams.

The meetings take place on skype, so it doesn’t matter where you live. There will be exercises and information for you to work with in the groups, and to try out and implement during the week. During meetings we discuss the last week and the exercises, and one dream will be the focus of special attention. One of your dreams will be analyzed in detail, and you will also learn each time we cover another participant’s dream.

It isn’t important whether you already regularly remember your dreams. Joining a regular dream group sends a signal to your subconscious that you want to learn more about your inner world. This signal allows you to dip into sleep more awake and more consciously.

Sign up at, and tell a time and a day of the week that would work for you. I look forward to hear from you!


Bleibe immer auf dem Laufenden!

Du kannst Dich jederzeit wieder austragen.