At the very beginning after joining the dream  group, I had no idea how to interpret my dreams, as I had never tried to work on my dreams in a systematical way. After four meetings I was able to scrutinize my dreams on a whole different level and spot dream signs in my dream diary right away. The group helped me a lot to develop my knowledge of dreams. It showed me also some insights about my own psyche that I would not have been able to notice otherwise. I have gained great insights through the dream interpretation, enjoying to analyze my dreams and the dreams of others. I liked the relaxation, that takes place at the beginning and the end of each meeting. Before the workshop I had 4 to 5 lucid dreams in my whole life. Now after joining the dream interpretation group and practicing the reality checks more and more, I had 4 to 5 lucid dreams in a very short period of time. Before I joined, I attended forums about lucid dreaming on a non regular basis, just a little, but if you want to have an intensive feedback you really need to invest a lot of attention and patience, unlike with the dream group where you get this direct personal feedback.

Kostenloser E-Mail Kurs

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Dieser kostenlose E-Mail Kurs dauert 2 Monate mit 12 E-Mails, die Dich durch die Basics leiten.

So kannst Du Dir selbstständig ein Basis Wissen zum luziden Träumen aneignen, um ganz unabhängig das luzide Träumen zu erlernen.

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