When I met Alice a few weeks ago, she told me, that another workshop will start soon. Since I already knew that it´s about dreams and lucid dreaming, I asked for the details and I got so excited, that I wanted to participate.

Even though I did view lucid dreaming as something of minor importance, my interest had grown so much during my conversation with Alice, that I could hardly wait for our first meeting on Skype. I went in with rather small expectations, though. Until then I had found my dreams interesting and sometimes informative, already, but I couldn´t let go about this idea of lucid dreaming and I knew, that I will be able to enjoy this experience.

I wasn´t disappointed. Alice, who is supervising all groups herself, motivated me and the other participants directly from the start. Two dreams were discussed right away and one of them was mine. I had sent it to Alice earlier by mail and I was retelling it then.

…a story about aliens.

With the exchange in the group I have gained entirely new perspectives on my dreams. Some things I really wouldn´t have noticed by myself. Thus the dream and it´s beautiful meaning would have disappeared into nirvana. Now I have a dream-diary to collect these little treasures.

Now we have arrived at the second to the last meeting and I started to have mild lucid dreams since last week. By now they just appeared during the initial phase of sleep, but it was so so wonderful. I was able to apply some of the exercises, that we had discussed earlier during the Skype-meeting.

About this whole workshop I especially liked Alice and her way to conduct it. Since I was able to get to know her before through a common friend, I already knew her voice and how she looks. The talk on Skype was therefor like a phone-call with a friend who invites other friends into the conversation.

Through the exercises that you do for lucid dreaming, I have seen funny and also a few mystical things in my environment within two weeks time. Also, I have continued to examine the dreaming per se and I have found more connections to the reality of the wake-state.