THE LUCIDITY CONTINUUM – There are many descriptions of the different lucid dreams. I like especially the one from Ed Kellogg.


© 1994 E.W. Kellogg III, Ph.D.

In dream reality (DR), your center of gravity shifts to the feeling level. In ordinary dreaming you have very limited use of your thinking aspect, and have very little memory of the ordinary state of affairs of your WPR existence, including your name, address, age, and even physical body type.

In the dream, you notice some sort of bizarreness as unusual for Waking Physical Reality (WPR). Or you don´t consider myself in ordinary physical reality at all, although you realize almost none of the implicaions and still misidentify the actual situation.

Although you vaguely realize that you dream, it does not even occur to you to act differently based on this knowledge. You continue to follow the dream „script“: no conscious choice.

You know that you dream, and although you still follow the dream script, you can make new choices based on this awareness. For example, you might choose to fly rather than walk.

You have the choice of following the dream script or not, can make major choices based on awareness of your potentialities in the dream state. For example, you might choose to try a dream experiment instead of continuing the dream scenario, etc.

Fully aware that you dream and of the location and state of your physical body; You also clearly remember any lucid dream tasks that you had earlier decided to try (lucid dream healing, intentionally changing body form, precognition, etc.) and experience a high level of dream control which gives you the power to do them.

You have an awareness of self as an integrated whole: self-remembering. Knowing-feeling-thinking aspects of self work in harmony. You feel an extraordinary sense of self, access to memory, and an expanded and mindful awareness of the many possible courses of action available to you in lucid dream reality as compared to waking physical reality.

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