Lucid Living instead of escaping the waking world

Some people are sometimes a bit disappointed, when it doesn´t really work out immediately with lucid dreaming, or they loose their motivation doing all that „boring“ exercises. Yes, you need time to write dreamdiary and you have to kick your ass to do it. But later it will be like a present for yourself! So try to think on that, it can give you energy to do the exercises.

And as many other people , I realized very soon, that to dream lucid, you have to live lucid, or „live consciously“. You could say, „the best Exercise for lucid dreaming“ is to live consciously/lucid!

In the tradition of the tibetan Monks they call lucid dreaming „dream yoga“. And normally it happens naturally to dream lucid, when you have an energetic level, archieved through mental exercises and meditation. Which shows me again, how important this exercises are. Keep in mind, that they do that exercises also without the intention to dream lucid, but to enrich your life in the waking world, to be more conscious. And this is the meaning, when they say, that these monks „never sleep“. Their body sleep, but their spirit is awake in the dream world. (With some people in the waking world i have the feeling, that they even „sleep“ in the waking world, beeing in the „autopilot“ modus. And of course, even my „autopilot“ still likes to take over occationally.)

For example: The more I sharpen my perception in the waking world, to see more the colours, to distinguish in sounds, voices and so on. The more colourful with more details will be my dreams.

Or: The more I go into the confrontation with problems with the intent to find solutions for it, the more active I am in my dreams to look deeply in the eyes of monsters, grew soldiers and other characters, to get to know them and to accept them in a loving way.

When i am in the wake reality more conscious with continuity, the less i will have „pieces of dreams“, but be more aware how i got from one part to another. So I know, which thoughts and expectations brought me into the next story.

The more conscious i am in the day, the more conscious i am in my dreams. Instead of being stressed in the „autopilot“ modus, i give attention to the little details in the routine.

The more i can intent and accomplish little things or projects in the waking world, the more i also accomplish things in my dreams, that i like to do. While you are doing your daily tasks in the waking world, you can also connect them with exercises for lucid dreaming and integrate that way Realitychecks.

The more I allow creativity to enfold itself in the waking reality, the more solutions i will find in my dreams.

The more I ask myself reflective in the day, how i am, and why and what i could do to feel better. The more i will also treat myself in my dreams.

I think, you can go on with that little list. Look by yourself, what is changing in your dreams, if you change a habit or behavior!

Some think, that you are „escaping into another world“ when you are into dreaming and lucid dreaming, but for me it is the opposite. All the exercises for lucid dreaming force me to be more awake, conscious, active and more critical in the waking world. Therefore: Lucid Dream Exercises by theirself are already enriching your life in the wake world!

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