With reality tests, you’ll find out whether you’re awake or dreaming.

Play the reality test game and you’ll never be bored again. – Watch the video “Reality Test and my 6-point Reality Check,” where I explain the game.

The video explains what a reality test is and lists a few. By reviewing your list of dream signs, you can decide which reality test is most useful for you, and create your own. It’s helpful to do several consecutive reality tests, in case one doesn’t work. For example, I created a “6-point reality test”:

1) I take a moment to stand still. I look around and get into a meditative position.

2) I test my 5 senses: Vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste.

3) How did I get here?

4) Is my environment logical? Or do I spot dream signs?

5) How am I feeling and why? Can I improve my situation?

6) If this is a dream, what do I want to do?

When planning your reality test, think about a regular event that will prompt you to do the test. You can look at it as an amusing game – it’s something you can do at any time. To get started, make a list of everyday situations (I throw something away, see a car, come home, go to the bathroom, turn on the computer, see a dog..).

Watch the video, “Anticipatory Memory Training” to see how you can connect reality tests with everyday situations.

DILD is an acronym for “dream-initiated lucid dream.” In a DILD, one realizes that one is dreaming while in the middle of a dream, in contrast to a WILD (wake-initiated lucid dream), in which one enters a lucid dream directly from the waking state.


Bleibe immer auf dem Laufenden!

Du kannst Dich jederzeit wieder austragen.