Dream Incubation like a Penpalship

The Penpalship with your inner self / your best friend / Dream Doctor

Collect all the answers, together they will make a significant image! – When we fall asleep, normally we are mentally still involved in the problems of our daily life. But concentrate on one question, write that question in your dream diary, so that you can see the question above the dream, that you will write down on the next night. Focus on that question, when you fall asleep with a quiet conscious, you will then wake up with an answer. On the next morning write your dream down as usually. Maybe you don´t see a connection between the question and the dream, but in a dreamgroup we could give you a different ideas and point of views on your dream and bring out some possible meanings.

You can give one question a whole week, so that you will get several dream-answers, which can complement each other or explain each other.  Just as you can give a theme a whole week  and ask several similar questions. If you don´t understand one part of the answer, you can also ask the dreamworld, to explain it to you more concretely or practicly. For example: “What does it mean, that i should be more my little finger?” or “Can you please give me a clearer understanding of the  conflict between X and Y?”

In time you will see very clear, which theme or conflict are your main issues, and how your dream-self gives you hints, how to solve them, or signs, which your waking self didn´t noticed or which solutions are possible.

In almost the same manner, you will get more and more familiar with the personal symbolic language of your dreaming-self, because symbols will repeat in a different context. With time you can become more familiar with the dreams and all their layers of possible interpretation even without the help of a dream-group.

Maybe you will also learn to appreciate your “enemy” in your dreams, as a dignified challenge, which helps you to get conscious about your weak sides, and that without them, you would not evolve. And also to accept them as a part of yourself, which attracts his/her counterpart in the waking world, so that you can integrate it better.

If you give your dream-Self the possibility, it will answer you every day honestly.

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