What can I do in my lucid dreams?

Was kann ich in meinen luziden Träumen machen?

What can I do in my lucid dreams?

Top 10 what you can do in your lucid dreams

I always got asked many times: „What can I do with lucid dreaming?“ Well, the answer is quiet simple: „Everything. You can do everything.“ Most of the times, this answer doesn´t really help, that´s why I give you here a Top 10 list to start:

- face your fears: transform your nightmares into success stories, improve your confidence and loose the fear of death

- train & rehearse: like holding speeches for example, difficult confrontations or train difficult sport movements without the risk to hurt yourself

- inventions & solutions: find new ideas and solutions, which can help you to make new inventions

- creativity: see inspiring masterpieces, music and explore other astonishing art, which is waiting for you to be realized

- new point-of-views: see the world with the eyes of someone else, from your best friend or from your partner or from another person, to understand them better.

- Healing: Heal yourself and others

- more time: use the time at night and visit for example friends who live far away (of course without traveling expenses)

- super powers: flying, going through walls, change things by thoughts, etc.

- Sex: live your sex fantasies without consequences

- adventures: explore other worlds, find spiritual answers and experience personally, that you also can exist without a human body



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