5 reasons, why projective dreamwork supports your lucid dreaming.

5 reasons, why projective dreamwork supports your lucid dreaming.

5 reasons, why projective dreamwork supports your lucid dreaming.

I know it by myself, first only I was interested in lucid dreaming and interpreting dreams was for me a boring psychological perspective on dreams. But I was lucky and got invited to a group to get to know projective dreamwork, and I noticed after a few months, how it supported my lucid dreams:

- A first step towards the language of your dreams: even in lucid dreams you can get some very symbolic answers, which you can understand more easily if you know at least the basics of the dream language.

- You get to know the dreamworld with their own rules: If you are working on a dream in the projective dream way, you give your dream attention and you get more conscious about the little differences between the waking reality and the dream reality.

- You become more alert in the waking reality: when you learn, to see the symbolic language also in your everyday life, you will get an eye for possible dreamsigns and be more aware about your actions in the waking reality.

- more problem solving and point-of-view changes: When we work out your dream, I will guide you to a creative lucid alternative for your dream, in that way you will have more possibilities how you can react and you find more solutions. When you are lucid, it could look like to be the best solution just to fly away of the trouble, but that may not be the possibility, which gives you a big step in your personal development.

- more connection with your enviroment: There is the possibility, to interpet the dream in that way, that everything in the dream is a part of yourself. This can bring you closer to the insight, to be connected with everything, and to let go of the seperateness. In that way you can accept every part in yourself in peace, which will give you new power, instead of fighting against them inside and outside of yourself.

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  1. Joschka says:

    Guten Tag

    Ich habe eben gesehen, dass sie in Basel einen Workshop zum lenken von Träumen gaben.
    Schade habe ich es nicht schon früher erfahren, dann wäre ich auf jeden Fall auch gekommen.
    Das träumen ist eine faszinierende Sache und es ist ein tiefer Wunsch von mir, dass ich einmal in der Lage sein werde bewusst zu träumen und diese auch zu beeinflussen.
    Hoffentlich kommen sie wiedermal in die kleine aber feine Schweiz! Dann schaue ich, dass ich Teilnehmen kann :)

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

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